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Tiramisu truskwakowo-migdałowe

Strawberry-Almond Tiramisu

Tiramisu, dessert good for every season and every occasion, perfect dessert! In the spring I recommend the tiramisu with strawberries in almond note. The heavenly dessert, because Read more “Strawberry-Almond Tiramisu” »

ciasto czekoladowo-kawowe

Chocolate Cake – Coffee

The dough for all, who love the taste of coffee and a chocolate flavors in the company. Light cream prepared on the basis of mascarpone cheese, which rests on Read more “Chocolate Cake – Coffee” »

Tarta błyskawiczna

Instant Tart

There is something sweet maker? This question probably often hear, and may even be you asking themselves, if the answer is, not, I have a solution. Today's dessert is Read more “Instant Tart” »

beza z kremem cytrynowym

Pavlova with lemon cream

Pavlova, in terms of the components for its preparation would have to say, that list is short two or three products and crispy queen ready. Meringue is a very simple baking, Read more “Pavlova with lemon cream” »

tarta majowa

Tart valley

Tart valley is a typical spring dessert with lots of strawberries and blueberries spring. Berries Caucasus ( Kamchatka ) have many medicinal ingredients, that Read more “Tart valley” »

wiosenne tiramisu

Spring tiramisu

Dessert, which today I prepared a variation on tiramisu. The bottom of the dessert is traditionally biscuits soaked in coffee and liqueur Amaretto. It is of course also the mass Read more “Spring tiramisu” »

tarta bezglutenowa z kremem

Gluten-free tart with cream

Name inconspicuous, but taste cake will surprise you will not be an exaggeration, when I say, that is wonderful. To tell the truth, reminds me of the mazurka, because it can Read more “Gluten-free tart with cream” »

tort tiramisu

Tiramisu Cake

This year, it's my birthday is coming up and another cake. Each of the confreres had another request for his taste. Hell strawberry cake, fruit, kajmakowy, Read more “Tiramisu Cake” »

sernik z nutką pomarańczową

Cheesecake with a hint of orange

The recipe for the cheese is pretty classic, but enriched with an aromatic note of fresh orange peel. Cheesecake after cooling further decorate jam Read more “Cheesecake with a hint of orange” »

tarta z grzybami

Tart with mushrooms

Tart with mushrooms in puff pastry, This super fast and very tasty dish. The combination of cheese – egg batter with aromatic wild mushrooms and rosemary, Read more “Tart with mushrooms” »

serniczki z malinami

Cheesecakes with raspberry

Yesterday was the day of the, when I really feel like something sweet, but the state of the kitchen and pichcenie, is not necessarily. Craving for sweets was higher than mine Read more “Cheesecakes with raspberry” »

sernik na zimno z truskawkami

Cold cheesecake with truskawakami

Do you want something delicious, may cheesecake cold? Tropical weather outside the window, and certainly none of you do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking cakes. In this version of Read more “Cold cheesecake with truskawakami” »

tiramisu z truskawkami

Tiramisu with strawberries

Tiramisu in the next installment, this time in strawberry. Dessert is fantastic, melts in your mouth, delicate, creamy with a distinct hint of Amaretto liqueur and coffee, Read more “Tiramisu with strawberries” »

tarta z kremem truskawkowym

Strawberry tart with cream

Gentle, spring tart with juicy strawberries in the lead role. Grated bottom is very soft dough gluten-free, where is the mass of baked strawberry Read more “Strawberry tart with cream” »

truskawki z mascarpone

Strawberries with mascarpone

Probably not once you were in a situation ” Guests will immediately”, and we have nothing to Coffee! It's no longer a problem, recommend instant dessert with amaretti biscuits, strawberries and cream with Read more “Strawberries with mascarpone” »

Truskawki zatopione w masie budyniowo serowej

Strawberries embedded in the mass budyniowo – cheese

Today, a special dessert! It's hard to call, the cake, or cheesecake, although it has a little of one or the other. Bottom of shortcrust pastry, upon whom the mass of creamy pudding Read more “Strawberries embedded in the mass budyniowo – cheese” »