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tort tiramisu

Tiramisu Cake

This year, it's my birthday is coming up and another cake. Each of the confreres had another request for his taste. Hell strawberry cake, fruit, kajmakowy, Read more “Tiramisu Cake” »

sernik na zimno z truskawkami

Cold cheesecake with truskawakami

Do you want something delicious, may cheesecake cold? Tropical weather outside the window, and certainly none of you do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking cakes. In this version of Read more “Cold cheesecake with truskawakami” »

tiramisu z truskawkami

Tiramisu with strawberries

Tiramisu in the next installment, this time in strawberry. Dessert is fantastic, melts in your mouth, delicate, creamy with a distinct hint of Amaretto liqueur and coffee, Read more “Tiramisu with strawberries” »

tarta z kremem truskawkowym

Strawberry tart with cream

Gentle, spring tart with juicy strawberries in the lead role. Grated bottom is very soft dough gluten-free, where is the mass of baked strawberry Read more “Strawberry tart with cream” »

truskawki z mascarpone

Strawberries with mascarpone

Probably not once you were in a situation ” Guests will immediately”, and we have nothing to Coffee! It's no longer a problem, recommend instant dessert with amaretti biscuits, strawberries and cream with Read more “Strawberries with mascarpone” »

Raffaello - deser

Rafaello – dessert

I decided to try a recipe for coconut tiramisu, but while preparing this dessert indicated,, this is not a good name. For me it has to have a taste of tiramisu Read more “Rafaello – dessert” »

sernik na spodzie z orzechami

Cheesecake on the bottom with nuts

Cheese cake with nuts on the bottom of each cheesecake as it should be is creamy and melts in your mouth. Was created for my middle daughter, which is smakoszką cheesecakes and butter Read more “Cheesecake on the bottom with nuts” »

Creme brulee z mascarpone i imbirem

Creme brulee with mascarpone and ginger

Creme brulee with mascarpone cheese, ginger and vanilla, This variation on the famous French dessert. Classic version, the egg yolks, cream and vanilla, but Read more “Creme brulee with mascarpone and ginger” »

Sernik cytrynowy

Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecake, another proposal, soft and creamy with a distinct flavor of lemon. I served it with homemade raspberry sauce with vanilla, delicious. Cheesecake, is one of Read more “Lemon Cheesecake” »

ciasto z dyni z kremem pomarańczowym

Pumpkin cake with orange cream

Pumpkin cake with orange cream. The cake is very tasty creamy, do not require soaking. With the addition of pumpkin puree is very Read more “Pumpkin cake with orange cream” »


Tartlets with raspberries and mascarpone

Tartlets with raspberries and mascarpone on a crispy crust, filled double vanilla mascarpone, and decorated with delicately acidic, juicy Read more “Tartlets with raspberries and mascarpone” »